John Mitropolous

Along with my patience for other people, the patience I have with myself has also grown. If I don’t get the first point in a kumite match, I don’t pout or kick the ground. I take a deep breath, and … Read More

Jhai Sinnatamby

Karate changed me in so many ways it’s hard to list them, from mental things and physical things. One major aspect of karate that’s helped me is discipline. Along with discipline comes respect, which is hard to find these days. … Read More

Derek Concannon

I began karate training to learn how to defend myself if I ever were to be attacked. Over the past six years I have not only learned how to defend myself but also I have developed self-discipline, respect, and commitment. … Read More

Alex Scott

One of the key elements and benefits of the martial arts training for all who participate in it is the improvement of one’s self-discipline. Certainly this ability to control one’s self, especially one’s conduct, has been particularly helpful in my … Read More

John Mitropoulos

My confidence went up tenfold while training at the dojo. At first, getting up in front of the class to demonstrate a bunkai was torturous. Now, however, it’s no sweat. I feel more comfortable getting up in front of large … Read More

Andrea Lopez

Joining karate five years ago, I thought I was joining something that would be fun and would teach me “cool looking” karate techniques. I never expected one that would draw me in and keep me captivated for so many years. … Read More

Kim Perley

Karate has taught me so many things, but the most important thing maybe just to relax and breath. In the very busy life I live, that will be a very important life lesson for me. Many times I have gotten … Read More

Mike Mahoney

Another important aspect that I have learned is to concentrate and focus to the best of my ability. I have seen a big improvement in my school work and in my home since taking Karate. My concentration is more attentive … Read More

Mike Blewitt

First, of all I would like to thank my parents for getting me into Karate. I clearly remember the day they came to me and suggested the idea that I do Karate. I remember think, “this would impede on my … Read More

Brian Casey

I have been involved in karate for over 10 years now. So far my experience has been completely positive. I have gained strength, flexibility, and the ability to handle myself in a difficult situation. However, the enormous leaps in character … Read More

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