Nick Vardaro

Respect is one of the main aspects of karate. Respect is earned over time and there are no shortcuts… Respect ties in with responsibility. When you are respected, often you become a role model for younger students. They look up … Read More

Blaine O’Leary

I think karate can help me in the future with many aspects of my life. It has already helped me in school. It has taught me how to focus and to have self-control. It has helped me in sports. I … Read More

Sarah Lopez

At this point in my life, I don’t feel that I have yet made any great achievements. I have always tried my best in school and worked hard at playing many different sports, but don’t think those are things that … Read More

Nicholas Candelino

A black belt should believe that the black belt is not a piece of cloth but the person behind it. I believe a black belt should have a positive attitude about what they do. I also think a black belt … Read More

Matthew Bocchino

There have been many aspects that karate has done for me. One aspect is that it has helped me be more confident in myself, in school and in other activities. Also it has helped me focus on my school work … Read More

Brian Greenfield

I feel that karate has been a challenge for me. I strive for challenges now. For example, in school, in P. E., the teacher asks for a volunteer. I go for it. It’s a challenge because I don’t even know … Read More

Jesse Vardaro

By taking Karate it has also given me confidence to go up in front of a lot of people and talk or demonstrate. I’ve been doing karate for 5 years and it’s taught me self-discipline and respect. It’s been a … Read More

Patrick McKeon

The martial arts have given me self-discipline, taught me commitment and given me confidence. All of these, I could not have achieved without the help of all the wonderful students and instructors at the Academy of Traditional Karate.

Julie Gustafson

I don’t only use my leadership skills in karate. I try to use them in my everyday life. At school my friends come to me for advice and I try to help them the best way I can and I … Read More

Thomas Shafer

When I came to karate I had little confidence in my abilities, or myself. Due to low self-confidence, I was a perfect target for bullies. I was always slouching over, looking at the ground, and always feeling nervous. Karate improved … Read More

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