Mike Blewitt

attended the Academy from Elementary School through High School, currently at Univerity of Massachusetts, Lowell |

First, of all I would like to thank my parents for getting me into Karate. I clearly remember the day they came to me and suggested the idea that I do Karate. I remember think, “this would impede on my guitar playing, I’ll never have free time,” but my sister and I decided to go for it and we joined the Academy of Traditional Karate. The first day we joined a class I felt as probably every single person felt when they do something new, goofy, awkward and nervous. The nervousness was destroyed right away by the great atmosphere present in the dojo and through time, I am now in my fifth year of taking Karate; I am beginning to get over the awkwardness of some of the techniques.

I am glad I went ahead in joining the Academy of Traditional Karate. It has improved me both physically and mentally. Before taking Karate, I was unfocused, uncoordinated, and couldn’t do a pushup. Also I didn’t have that much confidence in my work, whether it is Karate, school or anything else. Now I am very focused in on want to accomplish and I can usually accomplish my goals. I have gone from being very clumsy to a well balanced person. Also, through the training, I have developed into a strong, quick person. Most importantly, I am confident in my work. Whether it is in the dojo, at school, or at home, I have great pride for my work.