The Academy of Traditional Karate's Little Samurai Karate Classes, for children ages 4-7, are designed to give young children an edge in life by instilling a positive self-image and a “Yes I can!” attitude. The program includes a specially designed Stars & Stripes curriculum, in which the children earn STARS and COLORED STRIPES as they achieve small frequent goals that serve as stepping stones between each belt rank level. We also use a half/rank belt system in order to help the students keep progressing along the karate path to success. The academy's Little Samurai karate classes are fun and educational for kindergarten and elementary school aged children.

Benefits of Little Samurai Karate Classes

Each week in Little Samurai Karate Classes students will be challenged both physically and mentally as they are taught Respect, Courtesy, Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Focus, Concentration, Physical Fitness, Goal Setting and so much more. All our students learn the importance of Black Belt Excellence, a metaphor for developing strong character. Many of these benefits of karate not only prove useful in the dojo, but also prove equally useful in school and beyond.

Little Samurai Karate Classes have limited availability so please Contact Us today for a class schedule.

What Do Parents Say About Our Little Samurai Karate Classes?

My 6 and 8 year old sons have been going to the Academy of Traditional Karate for about 2 years. They love taking karate at the Academy and I love the positive environment. My older son has trouble focusing at school, but with the help of karate and his hard work and determination to change, he has improved so much over the past 2 years. My husband and I are seeing both our sons becoming more disciplined and showing respect for adults and peers. The school has a great group of kids and adults and a fantastic atmosphere.


Caitie W. | Mom of 2 ATK Students

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