Little Dragons karate classes are a very a special course offered at the Academy specifically for 3-5 year old children. These classes are held once a week and are custom designed to introduce very young children to basic karate and our character development program. Each week, the student will be challenged physically and mentally as they gain all the benefits of martial arts and are taught Respect, Courtesy, Self Confidence, Physical Fitness, Goal Setting and so much more. These playful classes are fun and educational for preschool and kindergarten children. All our students learn the importance of Black Belt Excellence, a metaphor for developing strong character. The Little Dragons karate classes program consists of one class per week and runs in 3 month semesters. Classes are a half hour long and run Tuesdays 4:30 pm or Saturdays at 11:00 am. Little Dragons karate classes have limited availability so please Contact Us today for a class schedule.

What Do Parents Say About Our Little Dragons Karate Classes?

Our son Kyle started in the Little Dragons program a little over a year ago. At first he was very apprehensive and shy during class, traits that he would also display outside of the dojo in unfamiliar situations. Since joining the academy we have noticed that Kyle has displayed more self-confidence and better focus in his everyday activities, especially in group settings. He has also become an active participant in class.

The academy promotes a friendly but challenging environment. The instructors encourage and reward participation and effort which in turn, promotes self-assurance. They maintain a good balance between teaching karate, instilling behaviors such as discipline and having fun.

The academy has been a great experience for Kyle, and his little brother cannot wait to start in the fall.


Mike and Jen Fahey

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