Doshi Kai Karate Classes – The Academy of Traditional Karate’s Honor Society

The Doshi Kai Karate Classes consist of dedicated students who have set a goal to achieve their Black Belt and beyond. These are the serious students who have decided to put in the effort to achieve a Black Belt in the martial arts and thus attain all the benefits of the martial arts. Doshi Kai members receive a speical Doshi Kai Belt, special Black Belt Training classes, extra curricular events, access to special seminars and workshops, Kobudo weapons training, and self defense training. Doshi Kai Karate Classes have limited availability so please Contact Us today for a class schedule.

What Do Serious Students Say About Our Doshi Kai Karate Classes?

What do you see when you think of a Black Belt? Do you see someone that stands out from everyone else or a quiet humble person that tends to blend and takes in what the world had to offer? A black Belt is a person that possesses many noble qualities that are not only applied in the dojo but in life as well. One characteristic of a Black Belt that many teens today should have is clear focused mind among the chaotic habits of the teen world.

For me personally, having a black belt attitude influenced my approach to High School greatly. Over the four years I realized that certain things must be kept more important over other things. I now know how to set a goal and stay focused on achieving it. I know that there are many things in my life that are going on and sometimes it is very hard to maintain a balance but I must keep a level head and not become overwhelmed. These are just certain things that have helped me to get through the chaotic world of a teenager.


Kevin Briere | Woburn
3rd Degree Black Belt, Started Karate at age 10, currently a CPA for a large Accounting firm

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