The Academy of Traditional Karate's Teen Karate classes, for ages 13-16, emphasize a positive atmosphere in which to gain all the benefits of martial arts including Reduce Stress, Build Confidence, Improve Focus, Strengthen Self-discipline, Achieve Goals, Make Friends and get in Great Shape. The movements of karate develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility. 

The natural style of Okinwan Karate we practice is great for teens & adults of all ages. The awarding of the higher levels of karate belts gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Karate is a self-paced activity whereby you work with your fellow students and the Academy Team Elite Staff Members in a supportive environenment. Some of the best friends you’ll ever meet might be from your Teen Karate Classes.

The foundation of karate is its self-defense value. We are very careful to teach students that karate is not to be used outside the karate class in any manner other than in true self-defense. The result is a self-confident individual, who does not need to bully or show-off to others. All our students learn the importance of Black Belt Excellence, a metaphor for developing strong character.

Teen Karate classes have limited availability so please Contact Us today for a class schedule.

What Do Our Teen Karate Students Say About Our Teen Karate Classes?

I feel that karate has been a challenge for me. I strive for challenges now. For example, in school, in P. E., the teacher asks for a volunteer. I go for it. It’s a challenge because I don’t even know what he’s going to ask me to do. A challenge is something you take on, not shy away from. When I hear a challenge, I say “I’ll do it.” Before karate, I might not have done that; I would’ve shied away. But, since karate, I seek challenges.

Brian Greenfield | Reading
Written at Age 14

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