Talking health and safety with your children

Here are a few suggestions you may find useful in helping to teach health and safety lessons at home:

1. As a parent, your example is so much more than words; you have to live by example.

If you smoke, there is a good chance your children, too, will grow up smoking. If you have very poor eating habits, then you can expect them to copy you. Make an effort to eat right and treat your body well so your children will do the same.

2. Help them understand that it is ok to occasionally reward yourself with “fun” food.

Having a candy bar or ice cream is totally okay. What is not okay is it to have that candy bar in place of a meal.
3. Teach your children about the food groups.

Google foods groups or go to the local library for more information. Things may have changed a little since you were a child, but the basic principles have stayed the same. The more often you review them, the better chance your family will follow the rules of proper eating.

4. Understand that EXERCISE is KEY to being healthy.

The good news is that Karate training is great exercise! As mentioned above, exercise is important and so is setting a good example. A great opportunity to do both is to lead by example and stay t through exercise. If you are interested in a FREE trial class, please talk to one of our instructors today.

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