As you know, developing a healthy self-confidence is crucial to each person’s success. Through their Karate training, our students can develop a self-confidence that impacts their life well beyond the walls of our school.  It is a confidence that will last a lifetime.

What can parents and caregivers do to help their children develop self-confidence?

Speak encouraging words. Children need to consistently hear words of affirmation and encouragement. They need to know that you love and support them. The more they hear positive comments from you, the more secure they will be in themselves.

Show interest in their activities. Let your children know that what they do is of interest to you. With regards to their Karate training: learn some of the terminology that accompanies their Karate; practice their katas with them; stay and watch their class during parent participation, or even train in adult classes.  The more your child knows you are interested in what they do, the more they will be confident in doing it.

Be careful in your conversations regarding others. Although you may say encouraging things to your child, if they hear you making disparaging or critical comments about others it may have them wondering what you say about them when they aren’t around. You don’t want to undermine your efforts at building their self-confidence by being overly critical of others in their presence.

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