No Bench-warmers here: An Alternative to Team Sports

One of the best things about Karate training is that there is no one sitting on the bench.  We hear prospective parents tell us all the time “my child just doesn’t do well with team sports.”  There are many benefits to doing team sports, if they are done in the right way.  They can teach team work, confidence, and athleticism.  Unfortunately, those children who don’t excel are often left out.  And, because children develop at different times, an 8 year old superstar may become “washed up” at 12.

Karate provides equal footing no matter what your age, gender, size or fitness level.  You don’t have to be naturally athletic to participate.  Because you complete against yourself and at your own pace, your initial ability doesn’t prevent you from getting started.  Unlike dropping a ball in practice, no one is going to make fun of you or get angry if you mess up a Karate move.  Students learn to master each skill instead of worrying about beating the other team.  This provides an environment of encouragement and camaraderie.

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