Karate- Respect

This months character theme is Respect (click here to download a character worksheet).  Respect is extremely important in Karate.  Just take a look at our logo.  It's not someone kicking over their head, it's not a student breaking bricks, it's not an eagle soaring through the sky.  It's a student, bowing to their instructor.  The bow is a sign of respect.  We bow to start and end each class to take a second and show respect.  You don't see that in any other sport.  The first lesson we will teach in May is simply what respect is.  It's treating people like they are important.  Treating them like they matter.  Sometimes, the person doesn't even matter to you but they do matter to someone and thus should be shown respect.  As the month progresses, we will talk with students about why you should respect yourself and others and how to do so.

academy of traditional karate

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