Karate- Growing a Positive Attitude

This month, our character lesson centers around Attitude. You can download the April Character worksheet here.  Every single class, students recite the Karate Creed.  The first line is, "I am Positive."  It's an affirmation that reminds them how important a positive attitude is.  To start our character lessons, students are learning first what the definition of attitude is.  It's our belief, view point, or how we feel about something.  The type of attitude, positive or negative, has a HUGE effect on how successful we are at something or how much we want to do it.

Just imagine this...you are entering into a new activity.  After trying it out, your mind is full of doubts.

'That was really hard'

'I don't think I can figure this out'

'I must not be smart enough for this'

'It seems so much easier for X'


Our brain naturally fills with these thoughts when met with a challenge.  When faced with such negative attitude, why would anyone want to continue doing an activity that they can't figure out, aren't smart enough for, or isn't easy?  Negative attitude turns to negative feelings which leads to  less excitement which leads to lack of progress.  On the flip side, let's imagine we enter a new activity and our mind is full of positive attitude.

'This is difficult but I can figure it out with practice'

'I was able to do half of this right, now I just need the other half'

Now, we are filled with positive attitude which leads to positive feelings which leads to enjoyment which leads to success.  It's like planting a garden.  If you plant a watermelon seed expecting to grow a cucumber, you will always be disappointed.  If you want to harvest positive results, you need to plant the seeds of a positive attitude.


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