Karate- Character Recap

This month, our character lesson was “On a Quest to be my Best!”  We’ve been talking to students about how to put in their best effort, no matter what they are doing.  Generally, people don’t consciously decide to do their worst.  But unfortunately “good enough” is rampant in our society.  Why go for the “A” when I can settle for the “B”?  That’s pretty good still.  Why try for 50 pushups when I could give up at 25?  That’s still more than most people can do.

So why don’t people strive to do their best all the time? Doing your best take work.  It takes effort.  It takes discipline and will power, and sacrifice.  Why would I want to do that when I can do a little less and still do a “good” job?  We have a saying we use all the time with our staff here in the dojo, “Good is the enemy of great.”  If we accept being good at something, we’ll never be great at it.

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