Karate- Anger Management

This month students will be learning about an invaluable life skill, anger management.  Last week, our lesson centered on the fact that everyone gets angry.  It’s natural to get upset or angry at times but the key factor is what we do with that anger.  Students learned last week that if not handled correctly, anger can be a very destructive force.  But, if handled well, anger can actually be a positive thing.  If you think about major positive changes throughout history, many were the result of anger:

– The anger felt by African Americans in the United States led to the push for desegregation and equal rights for all.

– Anger, caused by abuse or neglect, has spawned hundreds of charitable organizations and awareness movements.

– On a smaller scale, anger about a poor grade or performance can lead to increased practice and improvement.

Of course, some of the above examples weren’t always peaceful, but if channeled properly, anger can result in positive change.

Please feel free to comment and share an example from your own life where anger has resulted in positive change… 

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