Do what you can

A supportive parent came up to me yesterday after Karate class and thanked me for all we do with the kids.  It was a simple interaction and it made me feel great.  To know that what I’m doing makes a difference…how could that not make you feel proud.  Fast forward to this morning and there’s yet another story about a “celebrity” being sent to jail for doing terrible things.  Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like there is more bad than good out there.

But, rather than dwell on that, I want to focus on the flip side.  I want to write a few words about the people who make a positive difference in this world.  People who may not have fame or riches but are doing what they can everyday.  The list could go on for days but this is just a few of the people who come to mind…

To the Police and Fire Fighters-  They run in when everyone else runs away.  They wake up each day, go to work, and accept that they may never come home again, all to make sure that you are safe.

To the Teachers-  They are one of the least valued professions in my mind (maybe because I went to school for elementary education).  For 8 hours a day, they shape and mold our children.  Writing lesson plans, decorating their classroom, creating a learning environment, and all while they have 20+ kids to care for each day.

To the Single Parents-  They are doing the best they can to provide for their families.  I literally can’t imagine raising my daughter without my wife.  Supporting their kids, day in and day out.  Paying the bills, running to activities, making meals, and giving all the love they can.

To the Struggling Parents-  Maybe they have to work two jobs, maybe they are stressed with financial concern, maybe they are dealing with illness.  Regardless of what they may be going through, they are still there to make sure that their kids are taken care of.

So just like that parent thanked me last night, I’d like to remember and thank all the people out there making a difference.  Just doing what they can do.

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