Commit to Yourself

Research has shown that one of the most important keys to success is making a commitment to succeed. But what exactly does that mean, “commitment to succeed?”

To understand that, we need to look more closely at the idea of commitment.  I’m sure you have heard about the commitment involved in a ham-and-egg breakfast. While the chicken made a great contribution, the pig was totally committed to the event. To commit to something means to follow it through to completion, at all costs.  A commitment to succeed is a promise to yourself to succeed, no matter what. A commitment creates a powerful force within us to fulfill it.

I learned about commitment in an art class. The instructor said, “Once your pencil is on the page, don’t lift it off the page until you are finished.” I thought, what if it doesn’t look right? I later realized it wasn’t so much a lesson on drawing as it was a lesson on commitment.

Are you still not sure what being committed to succeed is all about?

  • It’s all about action. Action is not optional when it comes to commitment. If you are truly committed, it will show over and over through your actions. However, don’t mistake activity for achievement. If your action isn’t getting you closer to your goal, then you’re just busy.
  • It’s all about passion. If you are really committed to something, you are compelled to do it. You can’t live without realizing your cause or achieving your dream. Passion is relentless, persuasive and doesn’t rest. It doesn’t settle for anything less than your best.
  • It’s all about choices. Commitment does not come from enforced discipline. It is a choice you make to support results you care about and want to bring into being. It arises out of the clarity of your vision and is driven by desire. It is the day-to-day choices you make in support of your larger ones.
  • It’s all about courage. Do not be afraid of failure. Boldness has greatness in it. Embrace your fears head on. Remind yourself again and again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Make the commitment to do everything possible to make your risk pay off. Success begins just outside of your comfort zone.
  • It’s all about purpose. True commitment embraces and engages not only your aspirations, but also something larger than self. When you commit to achieve a result that will make a difference, things began to come your way. You grow, others grow, your results grow and your success grows.

The most important person to commit to is “you.” When you declare to yourself that you will succeed, then success can be yours.

Write your own contract of commitment as your evidence that you are on a mission. Place it where you can see it and review it daily. Never give up, never surrender, and be committed to succeed!

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