Body Language

Body language is not only important in Karate, but to everyone.  We see and interpret body language, or non-verbal signals, subconsciously and, even though kids may not be aware of such things, it’s an important life skill to master.

How Can You Help?

  • Make eye contact with your children when they are speaking to you or you are speaking with them. This will help them learn to be comfortable when someone is talking or when they have to get in front of a class and make eye contact.
  • Play charades with your children and explain how or why you used your hands or eyes to get a message across. This will help them learn to consciously observe body language.
  • Praise your children when they sit or stand straight. Let them know it builds their confidence.
  • Act silly sometimes to demonstrate how effective body language is. Say something, but use the wrong body language: e.g., say, “Yes, you can
    have dessert before dinner,” but have your body language say no. Ask them if they believe you and why or why not. Have your children say something to you, but demonstrate the opposite in body language to show how they are mastering it.

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