Black Belt Paper by Adam Davis

I started taking karate when I was 3 and a half years old. At first, when I went to karate I would run around and have fun with my friends. Since I was so young, I wasn’t paying much attention during classes. As I got older, I was behaving better and better during each class I took. I also enjoyed the classes more than I did in the past. Today, as a 12 year old student, I’m more focused and motivated to earn my black belt. 

Over time, I enjoyed learning skills in self defense, self discipline, respecting others, and building confidence. I began to enjoy learning these skills since they would bring me closer to earning my black belt. Working towards earning my black belt has allowed me to focus more on mastering the skills I need to have as a karate student. Increasing my focus and paying better attention to the karate instructors, will hopefully help me to succeed and earn my black belt. 

As I work towards my black belt, I set goals and I am pushing myself to meet them. Getting closer to earning my black belt makes me feel good about myself. If I get the black belt, that would make me feel strong and confident. I would know that I pushed myself and met my goals. As a black belt, I would feel strong physically and mentally. I would know that I could handle different things that come up in my life. These could include defending myself, meeting my goals, and helping others out. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed taking karate and learning new skills. Now I know that the hard work will hopefully allow me to become a black belt. If I earn my black belt, I would feel honored and successful. I would also know that I got the black belt because I stuck with it for many years. Being determined like that would make me feel proud. I would wear the black belt with honor and respect knowing that it’s a special achievement. 


Written by Adam Davis