Benefits of Karate For Adults and Kids

Did you know Karate is not only great for children but great for adults as well? Most often Karate is associated with self-defense, however there are many more benefits than just learning how to defend yourself. Listed below are just a few ways Karate benefits both children and adults.

Benefits for adults:

  1. Weight Management

A typical Karate class burns 500 calories.  Adding Karate to your life can absolutely help you lose weight.

2. Improved Heart Health

Research has found the only real way to improve the status of cardio health is by doing activities that stress the heart or elevate your heart rate. Getting thirty minutes a day of a cardio exercise is a great way to stay healthy and help lower your chances of a stroke or heart attack. Karate is a great activity to stay healthy.

3. Increased Muscle Tone

Karate training doesn’t just burn calories and improve cardio health but it also builds muscle mass. The more muscle you have the more calories you actually burn and the more toned your body will look.

4. Improved Reflexes

Research shows practicing Karate improves reflexes and having better reflexes can help in all aspects of life. Whether you play sports, drive a vehicle or play with your children, faster reflexes can definitely have a positive impact on one’s life.

5. Improved State of Mind

Researchers have found participating in a regular exercise routine is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Karate is a great activity to release endorphins which can improve your state of mind up to four hours after you are done training.


Benefits for children:

1. Discipline

Karate is one of the best ways to improve discipline in young children. Discipline in any person is important and learning discipline at a young age is vital to success.

2. Socialization Skills 

Karate is great at teaching social skills. Karate requires children to work together to accomplish a common goal without being competitive. When children work with other children it helps them learn and understand how to deal with different personalities and ability levels which in turn helps them become more social.

3. Goal Setting 

Karate is constantly about setting and achieving goals. The belt colors used in Karate facilities are really just rewards for all the hard work that a student puts in. Learning how to set and achieve goals is essential in succeeding in life.

4. Self-Esteem

Karate is an individual, go at your own pace, activity and because of this students don’t typically feel let down or like failures. Yes, Karate can be competitive if one chooses that path but for most students it’s about accomplishing goals and being rewarded which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem.

5. Focus

Karate takes unbelievable focus. Students learn quickly that if they are not paying attention or focusing they can fall behind. Typically, it doesn’t take long for a student to learn to focus and pay attention so that their peers don’t pass them by as all students get rewarded for listening and learning.