11 Tips for a Great Back to School Season

Back to school season has arrived.  Here are some great tips as the school year gets started:

1.  Do a practice run.  Spend one morning going through your daily routine step-by-step (from brushing teeth to finding the classroom) to ensure everyone is ready for the first day.
2.  Dress sharp. Make sure your child has a first-day outfit that makes him or her feel confident (and adheres to school guidelines).
3.  Establish a routine. The National Education Association (NEA) recommends setting aside a specific time for studying every night. If your child attends an after-school program, find out if he or she will be doing homework there.
4.  Go over driving ground rules. If your child has their license and plans on driving to school, remind them about the importance of road safety as well as any other rules you have about using the car.

5.  Discuss expectations. In order to learn, children must believe they can learn. The NEA says the feedback parents give children will have a lasting impact on their self-confidence. Don’t forget to encourage your child, and offer praise for his or her efforts.
6.  Focus on nutrition. A few days before school starts, plan a trip to the grocery store with your kids so they can pick out healthy snacks and lunch options they’ll actually eat.
7.  Get back to a regular bedtime. Sleepy kids are tough for teachers and a pain for parents in the evening. A few days before school starts, begin winding down the nights a bit earlier and get back to the school-year bedtime habits.
8.  Clean up. To lessen stressful weekday mornings, take the time to make sure everything is in its place the night before.
9.  Create a comfortable study space. It’s all too easy for a tired kid to get distracted after school. A study space will help them focus so they can practice good homework habits.

10.  Buy new supplies. A new backpack every year is unnecessary, but purchasing a new binder or set of pens can help get your child excited for the coming school year.
11.  Create a family calendar. Place it in a central location and use it to keep the family updated on due dates, practice schedules and any other important events.
Written by Camira Powell

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