Domenic Guisti

Has been training since 8 years of age Joshu Shoban (first degree junior black belt) Enjoys making YouTube videos, bike riding, spending time with family, and most importantly, training at karate.

Lauren Farelli

Nikyu (second degree brown belt) Trains with family (including 2 siblings and dad) Enjoys writing and singing, and also loves expanding a jewelry collection

Ela Karnesky

Training since 7 years old Shodan (first degree black belt) Attends Umass Lowell for biomedical engineering Trains with brother and father

Diya Shah

Training since 10 years old Enjoy reading, music, and horseback riding Nikyu (second-degree brown belt)

Peter Mottolo

Training since 4 years old Enjoys drums and gaming Enjoys working with all different types of students to help them get the best out of themselves Shodan (First degree Black Belt)

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