Thomas Shafer

Wilmington | Written at Age 14 |

When I came to karate I had little confidence in my abilities, or myself. Due to low self-confidence, I was a perfect target for bullies. I was always slouching over, looking at the ground, and always feeling nervous. Karate improved this greatly. Otherwise, I would not have tried out for the lead in my school play, (and got it) or had the intestinal fortitude to perform karate in front of an audience. I think I’ve changed a great deal over the last four years and karate has started me on the path to bettering myself. It has given me the confidence to not only help myself but others as well.

Karate has helped me learn how to be disciplined and focused, which has helped me in school. I am able to pay attention better in class and my grades have improved in the last two years. In fact, this year I made the honor roll.