Nick Vardaro

Woburn | Started at age 5, Currently attending Stonehill College |

Respect is one of the main aspects of karate. Respect is earned over time and there are no shortcuts… Respect ties in with responsibility. When you are respected, often you become a role model for younger students. They look up to you and watch the kinds of things you do. If you are rude, lazy, or sloppy in practice they might think that it is okay for them to do that too. It is your job to continue to try and live up to the trust and the respect people have for you. Doing your best no matter how hard something that’s appreciated and respected.

A Black belt is a white belt that never quits. This turn is one of the biggest and it really separates you. Your black belt is more than just a piece of cloth, it’s a symbol of all the hard work you earned through the years and if you’re serious about your training. I owe a lot of my life accomplishments to karate. From all the years of karate one of the things that I have accomplished is being an honor roll student.

With the practices of concentration and focus I’ve been able to succeed in school. The application of practicing something and dedicating yourself to a goal showed in school. Also, in karate you practice the concept of discipline and respect. Every time you bow in class to the shomen you show respect. You show respect to your elders, parents, troops fighting for America, head instructors, and Shihan. With the concept I have always received good conduct grades from my teacher and have shown respect to all of them.