Kevin Briere

Woburn | started Karate at age 10, currently works for a large Accounting firm as a CPA |

What do you see when you think of a Black Belt? Do you see someone that stands out from everyone else or a quiet humble person that tends to blend and takes in what the world had to offer? A black Belt is a person that possesses many noble qualities that are not only applied in the dojo but in life as well. One characteristic of a Black Belt that many teens today should have is clear focused mind among the chaotic habits of the teen world.

For me personally, having a black belt attitude influenced my approach to High School greatly. Over the four years I realized that certain things must be kept more important over other things. I now know how to set a goal and stay focused on achieving it. I know that there are many things in my life that are going on and sometimes it is very hard to maintain a balance but I must keep a level head and not become overwhelmed. These are just certain things that have helped me to get through the chaotic world of a teenager.