New student Orientations are held every other month.

New Student Orientations are for all students who have enrolled in the Academy since the beginning of the year. Check the calendar for the next meeting set up or give us a call. The purpose of this orientation is to help make the most out of your Karate experience. Some of the topics we will discuss will be:

  • What are the titles we hear (Sempai, Sensei, Renshi etc.)?
  • What are we focusing on in the classroom?
  • What activities can your child participate in, including upcoming events your child can benefit from?
  • How does testing and Graduation work?
  • What if my child needs extra help?
  • How can I help motivate my child to practice?
  • What is Doshi Kai and how long does it really take to earn a Black Belt?
  • If there are multiple family members, what scheduling options do I have?
  • How can I get my child to apply what he learns in class as far as character is concerned outside of the dojo?
  • And, what is expected of me and my child as members of the Academy of Traditional Karate.

Also, this will give you a chance to spend some time together, ask questions and work together to focus on how we can help your child. All families that attend will receive a $10 gift certificate to our Pro Shop to show our appreciation for your involvement in your child’s development. Please bring your child. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to working with you.