The Academy of Traditional Karate has always placed a high priority on Respect, as it is the foundation of most relationships. Without respect, there can be no cooperation, no education, and no support or encouragement. Respect is very important to … Read More

Calming your Child

         When children are upset, one of the best ways to diminish the intensity of their feelings is to use a communication tool called Active Listening, which involves appreciating their words, acknowledging their feelings, and letting them know they have … Read More

November Character Preview

November Character Theme: Gratitude Week 1 THE GOAL: The goal of this week’s lesson is to teach our students what gratitude is and why it’s important. WHAT WE’LL TEACH:   We will teach students that they need to develop an attitude … Read More

Do what you can

A supportive parent came up to me yesterday after Karate class and thanked me for all we do with the kids.  It was a simple interaction and it made me feel great.  To know that what I’m doing makes a … Read More

A Thank You

What is a dojo? A place to do Karate? A lot of the time.  A school?  Sometimes.  A family?  Rarely but I think that’s what we have built over the past 25 years. Brainstorming about this blog, I thought it … Read More

Karate- Self Discipline

This month, students are learning about Self Discipline (Click here to download our character worksheet).  As parents, don’t you feel like sometimes your entire job is reminding your kids to do things?  Clean your room, put your jacket away, put … Read More

Karate- Respect

This months character theme is Respect (click here to download a character worksheet).  Respect is extremely important in Karate.  Just take a look at our logo.  It’s not someone kicking over their head, it’s not a student breaking bricks, it’s … Read More

Wasted Talent

If you’ve never seen the movie A Bronx Tale, it centers around a young man growing up in New York.  In the movie, “C”, as the boy is known, idolizes the mob boss who runs his neighborhood.  Although his father, … Read More

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