Karate- Sticking to it

I am reading a book right now called Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold.  I highly recommend it if you are looking to make a change in your life.  The book focuses on a concept called micro-resolutions.  I won’t … Read More

Karate- Anger Management

This month students will be learning about an invaluable life skill, anger management.  Last week, our lesson centered on the fact that everyone gets angry.  It’s natural to get upset or angry at times but the key factor is what … Read More

Karate- Character Recap

This month, our character lesson was “On a Quest to be my Best!”  We’ve been talking to students about how to put in their best effort, no matter what they are doing.  Generally, people don’t consciously decide to do their … Read More

Karate- Potential part 2

In January, we are talking about Potential (click for character worksheet) with our students.  This week, we will be talking about the first two steps toward developing your potential.  The first step toward reaching your potential is to believe it’s … Read More

Karate- Potential

Each month, we discuss a rotating character theme.  This month’s theme is potential.  In our first week, we are teaching students what potential actually means.  Simply put, potential is something that can happen but hasn’t happened yet.  We are explaining … Read More

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